About Us

Company Background 

Ozzy Eco Decor is a recycling company which gives a new life to waste products. The company was founded and led by two creative individual, Yolanda Msutwana who is determined to succeed and become tomorrow’s recognized entrepreneurs. The initiation was born out of realizing the need to recycle and contributing to the environment in a positive manner of which will eliminate the health hazard.



Our company is committed to the environment and its preservation as most waste products contain materials than can be hazardous to life and the environment. We strive to become the most preferred, responsible, respected and environment friendly recycling company by keeping abreast with changing market trends to ascertain continuous development and improvement for satisfying the needs of our clients.



Ozzy Eco Decor aims to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle all waste collected and created at every given opportunity and offset our carbon footprint whenever possible. We are a growing company spreading our wings wide in the recycling industry with vision to become the most preferred, responsible, and respected and environmental friendly recycling company.

At Ozzy Eco Decor we believe in integrity and we honor all commitments to our customers, employees as well as our members and conduct our business with honesty and professionalism


The Approach

Ozzy Eco Decor allows the flexibility of the client to design their own item with the aim to create a piece of furniture that is unique and customized to the client’s needs.